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Webquest Pirate Adventure- 3rd grade math


This 3rd grade math lesson will take you through a Pirate Adventure. Use the knowledge you have already learned in the classroom to set sail on a Pirate Quest. You can also use the links below to help you with some of the problems if you get stuck along the way.
The PA State Curriculum Standards this WebQuest takes you through are the following:

D. Use drawings, diagrams or models to show the concept of fraction as part of a whole.
E. Count, compare and make change using a collection of coins and one dollar bills.
F. Apply number patterns (even and odd) and compare values of numbers on the hundred board.
L. Demonstrate knowledge of basic facts in four basic operations.

Pirate Quest
In this quest you will have to collect pirate items by solving math problems along the way. For each correct answer, you will receive a pirate item. When you have answered all questions correctly, and collected all items, you will be able to raise your flag and set sail. If you think you have your sea legs about you and are ready to go, click on the following link: Start your Pirate Quest Adventure Now!

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How to on...

Counting Money
Number Patterns
Time: minutes and hours

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